“We had a perfect day and Eren contributed to that! I recommend Eren to anyone I know getting married or planning a special event because not only was his music beautiful but he was professional, on time and very accommodating.”
Amy F.

Amy is one of many Music Is You.com clients who had a “perfect” wedding day, due to some luck from the Mother Nature, and a tasteful plan accompanied by my music.

Every wedding is unique. Besides choosing the right partner (!), venue, decoration, clothing, and music are some of the most important aspects that make your day a special one. Let the expertise of a wedding coordinator assist you in making these decisions, but let me speak a little about the music aspect since it is my specialty.

There is no one formula that makes perfect music. It all depends on your vision – i.e. instruments, genres, length and diversity of performances, ambiance, originality, and professionalism.

The choice of instruments and genres set the theme of your wedding. A fiddle/guitar duo may add an Irish feel to your special day, where as a solo multi-instrumentalist may provide versatility. With the help of sophisticated technology, I cater to a wide range of tastes. For example, a portion of your audience will be familiar with the classical guitar (i.e. “Romanza”), while others may enjoy a taste of some jazz with a modern touch, as in the song “Autumn Leaves”. This technology also enables me to sound like an ambient music duo, kind of like a one-man-band. Listen to some samples through the player below. Also available with this technology is the ability to record the music played at your wedding.

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I named my business “Music Is You” because the type of music you love is what makes you, you. Endless hours of training and dedication enable me to cater to a wide range of client requests. Some prefer a single guitar with classical background, while others enjoy a mix of singer-songwriter/instrumentalist across many genres. Whatever type of music you are looking for, I deliver it with the upmost care and elegance. I can also create custom songs to meet your specifications. Custom arranged songs and live CD recordings of my performance are individual to you, like a music scrap book of your special day.

None of the above matters without professionalism. I pride myself on being on time, participating in rehearsals, listening carefully, and providing advice when requested.

Let me paint a picture of a recent experience with a client:

The couple was hosting their beautiful wedding at a location in nature, where no power existed. Their guests consisted of Celtic and international backgrounds. Their desire to cater to their guests with traditional and contemporary tastes certainly made it challenging, yet fun! After digesting their requirements (including custom songs such as “All You Need is Love”, wheels started turning in my head and I came up with a plan that proved to be a perfect match.

First, I brought high capacity battery packs to run my equipment (not a generator as that is too noisy) along with different types of guitars and an effects pedal. Next, I crafted up a mix of genres including Celtic, Latin, Jazz, Spanish, and Classical. For the bridal party entrance, “Canon in D” was the traditional choice. The bride walked to a custom arrangement of “Stand By Me”, followed by “All You Need Is Love” for the registry. The walk off piece was “Fly Me To The Moon”.

The reasons above are what make my service successful, and the feedback I receive inspires me to perfect my skills as a musician. “Eren was the highlight of our service… Besides my beautiful Bride of course ;)” N.M.

For more information, contact me at
Eren@musicisyou.com or 709.697.4119