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St. John's - NL


Eren Bayazitoglu

Hailing from the warm coast of the Mediterranean, Eren was born with a musical gift not even his parents possess. Refusing to eat his dinner without the accompaniment of a radio, he grew up under the hands of various international music instructors including Ricardo Moyano, Carlo Domeniconi, Marco Socias, Mehmet Gurgun, and various Spanish flamenco locals.

His fingers are buried into a big bowl of soup with jazz, rock, and classical, with generous amounts of spanish sprinkled on top. Through deep connection with the notes and rhythm, and despite some seriously stubby fingers, he defied the odds and found his own way in music, earning himself 5 MusicNL nominations with his band Evry7th, since 2011. His music, talent, and skills have been compared to The Gypsy Kings, Jesse Cook, Ottmar Leibert, and Luna Negra.

His primary instrument is nylon guitar, accompanied by his vocals as soothing as a cup of latte. With the addition of trumpet, Bendir (in Newfoundland, referred to as the bodhrán), and piano, Eren lives up to the very definition of a one-man-band.

Having spent what seems to be a lifetime in music industry, Eren launched his music entertainment business-Music Is You-in early 2012. With a list of respectable clients under his belt such as Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Business Administration, Bally Haly Country Club, and Second Cup, Eren offers unique live music entertainment for events that require special ambiances, including weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

He’s aiming to make music his full time job-not as a rock star-but as the only professional in Newfoundland, and possibly in Canada, who can offer such variety of genres serving virtually any musical demand.

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