Beginner Guitar

Beginner level does not mean that you are 8 years old, although I also teach that age group.

It means that you want to create your own music due to various reasons such as:

- You have tonnes of wasted time, you want to play a few tunes at a house party
- Married life is nice, but you need to spice up your relationship (couples are welcome)
- Kids consume 95% of your life (and brain power), you need this as a therapy
- There’s a 2000 year old guitar at your house and you want to hold it right to show off to your guests

What to expect:

- Choosing the right guitar for you (nylon vs. steel string)
- Deciding on genres and playing styles
- Tuning & maintaining (so you don’t wake up to a large crack on your guitar)
- Positioning and handling
- Listening
- Understanding music fundamentals (no sheet music knowledge required)
- Playing scales and forming chords (major & minor)
- Composing YOUR first song!

First session is FREE!

Sessions are 1 hour.

Materials include:

- Goals and objectives
- Training book
- Video for doing your homework
- Bring your own instrument, or play one of mine if you broke yours